Top 5 Reasons To Visit Andaman

Top 5 Reasons Why the Andaman Islands Should be on Your Bucket List

India has become the topmost priority of travellers and tourists across the world. Nowhere else can you experience a culture so diverse and colourful that every day and every minute of your stay is magical. There are the mountains, deserts, metropolitan cities, tropical islands and what not?
If a beautiful island is what you wish to visit this time, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the place to go. Not just this, there are many things to do while on a vacation to Andaman. Pristine beaches, crystal clear water and a mesmerizing underwater life is what the islands are all about. We have listed the top 5 reasons which will make it irresistible for you to not to take a vacation here:

Underwater activities:

Live your dream of experiencing the most vibrant and colourful underwater life by taking part in activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and sea walking. The PADI certified instructors will allow you to enjoy the activity with full safety and take back the memories in the form of underwater pictures and videos.

Get lazy and unwind:

The serene beauty of the islands and the slow paced life will take you far away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. Drift away with or thoughts while reading a book in your hammock. How does that sound for relaxation? Spend your time enjoying the turquoise waters of the blue lagoons and many other spectacular sights.

Havelock Island:

This island is a tropical paradise which is known and appreciated by travellers across the world thanks to the best beach in Asia, the Radhanagar Beach which is situated here. White sands, lush greenery and crystal clear waters are the right words to define this beach. The island is covered with hotels and resorts built one after another some of which even have their private beaches. Delicious food, scuba diving, spa services, beach parties and an omnipresent chill vibe make the island special and the most sought after destination.

Dreamy Sunsets:

If you are on a vacation to the Andaman Islands, we like to follow a tradition of wrapping up every day at a beautiful sunset point where you will have a spectacular view in front of your eyes. The endless seas reflect the fiery red sun into the sky making the whole scene a lot more dramatic. You won’t realise the time pass as you relax on the beach chair just watching the sun take a dive into the ocean.

Paradise for Honeymooners:

So the deed is done and the knot is tied. It is now time to relax and calm down after all the wedding pressure you just went through. The Andaman Islands offer a luxurious and romantic getaway. Stay at your favourite resort, swim in your private pool, enjoy the white sand beaches and go for an adventure activity to get that adrenaline rush. Also, end your day with an ultra- romantic candle light dinner at the beach with the sun setting in the background.