Best Time to Visit Andaman

   How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands have been a tourist favourite for a long time now. The pristine beaches make the islands the most romantic and picturesque destination. Scuba Dive, Sea Walk or just swim and relax in the crystal clear water. The abundance of premium beachside resorts promises a top-notch vacation.

Low Season

July to August is Andaman’s monsoon season with heavy rains and high humidity. The tourist inflow is the lowest across the year and accommodation is available at lower rates. The temperature is the highest in the month of April and May is when the monsoon kicks in. Still, a large number of families come in for vacation as May and June are the months of summer vacation for school students in India.

High Season

September is when the weather starts getting pleasant and a gradual rise in the number of visitors is observed. September can be a good time, if not the best to visit Andaman and Nicobar. The locals are once again ready to portray their warm hospitality and give away a surreal experience to the travellers. It is highly recommended that one must start planning their trip 45 days in advance to get the right accommodation at the right price.

Peak Season (Best Time to visit Andaman)

From the mid of December till the mid of January, the peak season is observed. It is the best time to visit the Andaman Islands. Christmas and New Year’s Eve is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is a unique experience. Prices go up by at least 10% to 20% during this time.