Top 10 Places to Visit in Andaman

    Radhanagar Beach, Havelock

  • Imagine pure white sands, bright blue waters and lush green trees, and Voila! You have come to Radhanagar Beach, Asia’s Best Beach ranked by Time Magazine. Enter the sea till the point where the water touches your chest. Look down and you will find a crystal clear picture of your feet. That just defines how clear and pristine the waters of this beach are. The Radhanagar Beach is undoubtedly the most sought after beach of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its immense popularity has caused many great resorts to have been built in its surroundings. The small shops and beach shack cafes offer fresh juices, fruits, tender coconut water amongst other delicacies. This beach is highly recommended so don’t miss it when you are in the Islands!
    Distance: 10 kms from Havelock Jetty, Timings: Open till 5 pm Everyday

    Cellular Jail, Port Blair

  • The Cellular Jail is a symbol of the history of India’s freedom struggle fought from the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. It was built almost a century ago by the British to hold captive some of the great freedom fighters. The fighters were made to work beyond human capacity and often punished and flogged in cases of non-compliance. The Jail’s construction started in 1893 and was completed by 1906. It consists of individual cells of the size 8ft x 6ft for solitary confinement. Visiting the jail from the inside during the day will surely give you Goosebumps. The Cellular Jail was declared as a National Memorial on the 11th of February, 1979. It is open for Day trips till 4 pm. A light and sound show is conducted in the evening voiced by Late actor Shri Om Puri. It is a must watch and you will come out of the show with much more patriotism in your heart.

  • Sl. No. Show Nos. of days 1st Show 2nd Show 3rd Show 4th Show
    A Hindi Version 07 days 05:30pm to 06:30pm 06:40pm to 07:40pm No Show 08:55pm to 09:55pm
    B English Version 07 days No Show No Show 07:50pm to 08:50pm No Show

    Kalapatther Beach, Havelock

  • The Kalapatther Beach is situated at one of the extreme ends of the Havelock Island. It is a perfect spot for some professional photography due to its great aesthetics. The emerald seas, tropical forest on one side of the road, the Kalapatthers (Black Rocks) that decorate the coastline, the silken smooth silver sands and the sheer solitude makes this beach a great place to relax. About a 20 minutes’ drive from the Havelock Jetty- the place is generally visited in the evening. Just like the surroundings of Radhanagar Beach, even this beach is filled with local vendors offering fresh cut fruits and juice. It’s less of a swimming spot, but a great beach to enjoy the scenic beauty.

    North Bay

  • Let’s do a small task. Take out a 20-rupee note of Indian currency and check out its back side. The island between the coconut trees is the North Bay Island of the Andaman Islands. Its name is justified as its located at the northernmost tip of South Andaman. The North Bay Island has become a hub for water sports and adventure activities. One can try a hand at a basic Snorkelling session or go unravel the underwater mysteries in a PADI certified scuba diving session. The glass bottom boat is a great option for people who want to avoid getting drenched. The Island houses a few small cafes which serve fresh juices, tender coconut water, vegetable Maggi and light snacks amongst other delicacies. Sea walking is another activity which can be enjoyed at this island. Distance: 30 minutes boat ride from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

    Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

  • Perhaps the most stunning beach of Neil Island, the Bharatpur Beach is a vast expanse of crystal clear water and white sands. One can find authentic locally made handicrafts being sold at this beach. The beach might give you major sunburn and so, heavy amount of sunscreen is advised. One can enjoy water activities like glass bottom boat rides, snorkelling and scuba diving at the beach. Try to dress as light as possible and don’t forget to grab lunch at the small shacks.
    Distance: A 5 minutes’ drive from the Jetty

    Howrah Bridge, Neil Island

  • The Natural Coral Bridge or the Howrah Bridge like the locals like to call it, is truly a nature’s wonder. It is situated near Sitapur Beach of Neil Island. A local guide will take you through a short trek to ultimately arrive at the bridge. It should be visited during low tide when it becomes possible to see the corals in their natural habitat standing atop the rocks. The guides have extensive knowledge about the beautiful corals present which have been formed over the years. One can spot live star fish and sea cucumbers around the rocks too. The place has a real positive and fresh vibe surrounding it and is a photographer’s paradise.
    Distance: 5 kms from Neil Island Jetty

    Ross and Smith Island, Diglipur

  • The Ross and Smith Islands or the twin islands are joined by a white natural sandbar making it possible for one to walk from one island to another. It is a perfect beach with natural swimming pool lagoon on one side and a snorkelling paradise on the other. A forest area permit is required to visit the island which is available on request. We board a boat from the Arial Bay Jetty and take about 20 minutes to reach the island. The water here is blue green in colour and shines bright like a diamond on a sunny day.

    Mount Harriet

  • The Mount Harriet is the highest peak of South Andaman. The park was used as a summer rest house for the British during the pre-independence era. The park gives a splendid view of the North Bay Island and this is where the photo on the back side of our 20 rupee note was clicked. The park is a butterfly hotspot and home to the endangered species of the Andaman Wild Pig. The place is often visited for trekking which leads to Madhuban taking one through the beautiful forest with a vast variety of flora and fauna. A permit is required to visit the park. For staying a night at the guest house of the park, prior booking can be arranged at Van Sadan, Port Blair.
    Distance: 50 kms from Chatham Jetty of Port Blair

    Turtle Beach, Karmatang

  • As the name suggests, this beach is famous for Turtle Nesting and during the nesting season which is generally from December to February, various species of sea turtles can be seen laying eggs at the beach. The beach requires one to cover a long road trip. Popular as a picnic spot for the locals, the beach is the perfect spot to meditate and sink in some beautiful thoughts.
    Distance: 132 kms from Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair

    Limestone Caves, Baratang

  • The Limestone Caves of Baratang are naturally formed structures made up of sea water and lime over thousands of years. The structures are perceived differently by each visitor and are supposed to reveal a lot about your personality. The boats are available from the main jetty which will take you through the beautiful mangrove creeks. We will arrange for thr permit which is available near the jetty. The boat ride is followed by a trek till the caves. The whole journey to the caves and return to Port Blair takes about 10-12 hours.
    Distance: 104 kms from Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair