Top 5 Things to do in Andaman

Andaman is one of the most renowned getaway spots for people on honeymoon or looking for a spiritual rejuvenation. It is a very beautiful island off the coast of Bay of Bengal and boasts of crystal clear waters, palm trees, beaches and fresh air. With the wonderful beaches and the numerous underwater activities, Andaman is definitely paradise on earth.

Tourists from all around the world come down to this place for the exotic food, the young and vibrant ambience and its perfect weather. Only 36 islands of a total of 572 islands are open to the tourists. The ecosystem is so diverse and so gorgeous that you may never want to leave this little heaven on earth. The beauty and charm of the emerald islands also make it the perfect destination for your Andaman honeymoon. However, there is more to Andaman than just clear water, beaches and palm trees. There are so many different kinds of activities that you can keep yourself occupied with throughout your trip.

Activities to indulge and things to do while in Andaman - Don't miss out on any of the five There are so many different things you can do on this little paradise that it cannot be listed down. There are hidden treasures all around the island. However, we have mentioned the five most exciting and thrilling things or activities that you must try when you are in Andaman. They are as follows:

1. Scuba Diving - This is probably the most popular activity that people indulge in when they visit Andaman. This is widely considered to be a speciality of the place. The diverse and beautiful underwater ecosystem makes for one of the greatest experiences of scuba diving you can ever have in your life. Andaman has some of the best spots to perform this activity in and has the most experienced professionals to help you through your dive.

2. Romantic candle-light dinner - The beaches at Andaman are serene and divine. You can enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner with your life partner on the beach as the wind gently blows and the beautiful sea hums its beautiful tunes. This is a must-try activity that you cannot afford to miss if you are visiting the island with your partner or are on your honeymoon trip.

3. Body massage - Andaman offers a lot of premium, sea-facing body massage parlours that have the most efficient masseuses who can provide you with the comfort of your life. If you are stressed out and want to let loose, then there is no better way than to head to a sea-facing massage parlour. You can visit the best Ayurvedic massage parlour to replenish your energy levels.

4. Local shopping - This is not an activity but it is definitely one of the must-do things at Andaman. There are exotic designs and pieces that you would never find anywhere else. Also, the prices here are quite reasonable and most of the souvenirs are locally made. The handicrafts at Port Blair will amaze you.

5. Sunbathing at the Radhanagar Beach Radhanagar beach was rated as Asia's best beach by the Time magazine. People from all around the world visit the beach to soak in the true essence of Andaman. This is the best place to get away from the bustle and enjoy the beach, the wind and the sun, while you get yourself the perfect holiday tan.

So, these are the five activities that you absolutely cannot afford to miss when you visit the Andaman Islands. If you are on your Andaman honeymoon, then these activities are the perfect way to spice things up.